This year has been another amazing year of THREE-OH-WE-GO! Thank you to all of the leaders, donors, sponsors, and volunteers that helped make this season a huge success. Together we accomplished nearly double the impact of previous years.


  • 38 – GO-Nights
  • 470 Volunteers
  • 2303 Homeless people seen
  • 2084 Homeless people helped
  • 217 Critical people helped


THREE-OH-WE-GO INSPIRATION – Ga Tech sorority girls show compassion!

Recently on a midweek GO-Night, with volunteer participation waning due to the extreme winter, in walked 8 sorority girls from Georgia Tech. They were all cute, bubbly and SMART. They were also a little nervous and anxious about going out on the streets late at night where homeless people stay – understandable and appropriate. But after the orientation, they were comfortable with the safety protocols we use and were ready to GO.

At the first stop, any apprehensions disappeared and they jumped into action. Their compassion and desire to help was very noticeable – no holding back these girls. They spoke with such kindness and interest. Their desire to serve others in dire need was ingrained in them – their parents raised some great girls – and so the night went.

But something extraordinary happened also. One of them, Megan, asked a homeless woman if her feet were wet (it had rained earlier that day). The answer was a hesitant, “yes they are still wet, and cold.” Megan responded with: “Would you please let me change your socks with these dry ones?” Simultaneously, the answer came, the feet came out from under the blankets and Megan was down on her knees taking off the wet socks. As Megan put the dry ones on, the homeless woman said “Oh, that feels so much better.” A grateful “thank you” and a “you are so so welcome” followed. Megan did not technically wash that woman’s feet, but it was close.

People ask me why I help lead Three-Oh-We-Go on these cold and late nights. One reason is I am so inspired by our volunteers. Thank you Megan and the other Ga Tech sorority girls for teaching me to show compassion.

– Kel Long, THREE-OH-WE-GO Co-Founder