We received these kind words from a sweet individual we met a few months ago while serving the homeless of Downtown Atlanta. We are so touched by what she had to say about our organization that we wanted to share them.


I believe that every connection to another person has a purpose, a meaning, an impact. Sometimes we get to know what that is, sometimes we don’t. What may seem like a chance encounter just isn’t. The swirl of events that led me to spend an evening on the streets of Atlanta with Drew Benton, the founder of Project Live Love – watching him work, meeting his homeless friends on the street, hearing his story – they weren’t an accident. It’s one of those things I call a glimpse of the bigger picture. When we get to see how the pieces fall together.

I met Drew on a City Walk when Project Live Love was starting out. I walked along side Drew that night and heard his story and realized that he was a man who was literally walking the walk. There is no space between what his heart believes, the words that come from his mouth, and his every movement. The purity of him following his mission in life is humbling and extraordinary. I carried my camera that night to capture moments of my experience: visions of the people I met, the history behind them, and Drew’s story himself. One of the images that I still carry with me is simply a picture of took of Drew’s shoes. It is symbolic to me for a few reasons: because he is so purposeful with the steps he takes in his life; for the miles he’s walked on the streets of Atlanta; and because of the place we were standing when I took that picture. He knows that really loving someone right where they are beats impossible odds every day.

When I got my Live Love sticker in the mail I was thrilled. I wanted to carry the message with me. I put the sticker on my phone because I run with my phone, it’s always with me. I love thinking about living out that message while I run. My phone rarely leaves my hands. A result I was being continually photographed with LIVE LOVE during a weeklong conference in Dallas. It became synonymous with seeing me. People expected it and asked about it. I loved getting to tell them about it.

I love that I get to be associated with the message of Live Love. It makes me extremely proud to believe in what Project Live Love is doing, to support Drew in the ways I can, and that people see some of his vision in me. That the people I met in Texas got to hear about it, that a discussion was started on Facebook and volunteers were drawn to the project, that everyone noticed LIVE LOVE, makes me incredibly proud.

It’s more than a coincidence. Look at what Project Live Love is doing; look at how far it’s reaching. I’m smiling so big as I write this. I think it’s amazing. Choose to live love and watch what happens.

Lauren Hammonds