Through an amazing and strong partnership with United Way and IHG, this round of GET SET training was very successful. Our new program director, Michael Tharp, was focused, prepared, and engaged throughout the three weeks of curriculum training and continues to ensure every graduate of the program has the tools and contacts necessary to become employed quickly.

The participants showed up every day ready to “Conquer the Day”. Their positive attitude and ability to absorb the lessons quickly made for a great learning atmosphere. They shared stories and life lessons with everyone in the group freely. Some of them have even become very close friends with our staff.

Throughout this round of training, all participants received interview training, resume polishing skills, job shadowing in the hospitality field of their choosing. Additionally, all participants that completed the three weeks of training earned a nationally recognized certification from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Thank you to all the volunteers that gave their time, their commitment, and their heart to ensuring a successful program. You are all very much appreciated!

We look forward to sharing the success stories of the graduates soon!