“Words cannot express the amount of joy that this photo represents. It’s cliche, but Saturday was truly a dream come true!!”

Those were the words of Christopher Rich, Chris for short. A few months ago, Chris teamed up with Drew Benton from Project Live Love to develop the first annual “A Village For A Village Walk.” Chris dreamed of creating a walk to raise awareness, funds, and actions that would drastically change the lives of people around the world living without clean water. Through partnering with Project Live Love, that dream was able to become a reality.

On Saturday, May 31st, 60 plus individuals gathered together to “walk so they don’t have to.” Walkers walked 2.5 miles around the park carrying empty water containers. Then they filled their containers with water and walked an additional 2.5 miles. All along the route, walkers were stopped and asked why they were carrying water. This gave multiple opportunities to raise awareness for the world water crisis. Additionally, we raised $4,845 to go towards the digging of a water well. This will provide clean water for entire village!

Our goal coming into this event was to raise $5,000. Although what we have raised so far is incredible, we are only $155 short of our goal. You can still give to this cause and help us hit the goal. Visit https://my.charitywater.org/a-village-for-a-village to make a donation.

Check out the facebook album with all the photos from the event and stay on the look out for other AVFORAV opportunities coming soon.

Finally, if you have an idea for an event or program and would like to talk to Project Live Love about helping make it a reality, send an email to drew@lukem142.sg-host.com.