Some time ago a few people from the United Way and the Living Room got together and began talking about bringing a national initiative called Project Homeless Connect to Atlanta. I had the pleasure of attending the initial meeting where this concept was pitched to a group of Atlanta leaders. During the meeting it was decided that we would go forward with bringing this event to Atlanta and thus Atlanta Homeless Connect (AHC) was born.

After several months of hard work from so many, yesterday was the event. It was amazing. Over forty-five different organizations that serve the homeless and poor came together to offer their services on one day. There were housing options, work programs, drug rehab programs, legal aid, HIV/ AIDS testing, mobile medical units, haircuts, phone home stations, and so much more. More than 700 people came from all over the city to connect with these resources.

About one week before the event I found out that there were not enough volunteers. There were about 50 more spots that needed to be filled. I told the planning committee that Project Live Love would get those spots filled. Within only a few days several people responded and we had more than enough volunteers. In addition to the PLL volunteers there were 300 plus people living love.

This was an incredible event. Thank you to everyone who put his or her love in action and helped make AHC a reality.

– Drew Benton