The 13th LIVE LOVE EVENT was another fantastic event. Over 65 participants gathered together to live love at the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta. For 7 participants, this was the first time in their lives they volunteered anywhere. Together we…

  • Built 12 kitchen and end tables
  • Painted 4 tables
  • Delivered furniture to 6 homes of people moving out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Unloaded two trucks of deliveries into the Furniture Bank
  • Painted the lobby and conference room of the Furniture Bank
  • And much more

According to our completed post event surveys, 30% of attendees experienced a measurable positive shift in their attitude towards serving others. This data is exciting to us because it indicates we are making a cultural influence with our work.

One person who’s attitude towards serving others went from “Very Good” to “Excellent” said…“Alone, I feel that my impact is so small, but joining many others allows me to see the magnitude of coming together around a single purpose.” Another person said… “Seeing everyone work together, children, parents, teens, old, young, – as it should be. Today was ‘the village’.”

Special thank you to those who served lunch and ran volunteer registration. Another special thank you to our host organization The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success! Take a moment to view the Facebook Album of photos from Saturday. Tag yourself and others.

The next event will be October 4th, 2014. Mark you calendar!