Project Live Love is an organization that was born out of founder Drew Benton’s idea that love in action can change the entire world. Last Friday night, Drew dug a little deeper into that idea as he stepped into the spotlight of the Cornerstone Gathering.

The Cornerstone Gathering is a monthly meeting of people in the Atlanta area who have a desire to impact their community by giving themselves away to the service of others. When asked to speak at the June gathering, Drew Benton accepted the invitation, excited to share the principles that serve as the driving force behind the work done at Project Live Love.

In addition to sharing the importance of living love on a daily basis, Drew encouraged those in attendance to join Project Live Love at the next LIVE LOVE EVENT on July 7th. We are hopeful that by joining forces, Project Live Love and Cornerstone will make a significant impact on those in need of love in the city of Atlanta.

If you are interested in having Drew Benton speak at your event or having the Project Live Love team on-site at your next gathering, email us at