What Will You Be Remembered For?

Project Live Love and SafeHouse Outreach are no strangers to one another. In fact, they could be considered family. When Project Live Love Founder Drew Benton realized his calling under the guidance of SafeHouse founder Philip Bray and his wife Dacia, a loving partnership grew that would produce endless opportunities for him to live out his burgeoning mission of influencing culture through love in action. Over the years, Project Live Love has grown and regularly returned to SafeHouse Outreach with volunteers like those who served on Saturday, February 21.

Approximately 50 volunteers enthusiastically arrived despite weather that could have deterred the weaker-willed. All were eager to serve as they waited the arrival of men, women and children who are perpetually searching for a warm place and a hearty meal. The camaraderie and anticipation were palpable. So was the memory of Dacia Bray.

On November 3, 2014, following an extraordinary life and courageous battle with cancer, Dacia departed this world. But she left us with her legacy: a renowned passion for those in the margins of society. And so it seemed fitting to spend time talking about her and what each of us will be remembered for.

Drew implored everyone to think about the powerful combination of “doing for” someone and “being with” someone, a purpose that can easily elude us in a culture of driving in, dropping off, and driving out of pockets of society that don’t resemble our comfortable surroundings. The question really asks, do people only want our stuff or do they also want our attention?   Both. And.

Drew put it this way, “They are our guests of honor. “Take time to be with and make a human connection. For our guests, their alternative today is to be alone, sitting in a park or at a day shelter.”

So volunteers sprung to greet nearly 80 guests, serve them lunch, engage them in conversation, massage their feet, manicure their nails and be with…them.   Volunteer Mike Downing summarized the day this way, “The meal was great and it checked a box. But what they really wanted was to talk.”

For those who knew Dacia, the event was a moving tribute to a woman known for her strength and compassion. For everyone, honoring Dacia captured the reason Project Live Love exists. Do For. Be With. What will you be remembered for?

Project Live Love is grateful to every volunteer who made someone else their priority, to Denise Fusco for organizing this event and leading with her heart, for Dr. Erin Cupolo for her tender, humbling footcare, to SafeHouse Outreach for what they do every day, and to Dacia Bray for her inextinguishable legacy.

For more experiences like this, join us on May 2, 2015 for our 2nd Annual Live Well event, serving health and wellness to upwards of 300 guests of honor at the Gateway Center.