As a former student pastor and traveling speaker, Drew Benton has been giving public speeches for more than a decade. His message has evolved through the years to the subject of “Love In Action” or “Live Love”. Drew stresses the importance of serving others with our actions.

A Story

“A desire for our children to have a better understanding of God brought us to Sugarloaf United Methodist Church. Slowly over the next year our kids were having a blast and we were warming up to the church, but everything changed in October of 2009 when a man named Drew Benton spoke at our church.

He asked ‘Who is the greatest man to ever live besides Jesus?’ Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi were all shouted back at him. Then he asked ‘What made them great?’ He then continued, ‘They all lived love….what are you doing to live love?’ Well, I couldn’t think of anything we were doing specifically and that didn’t feel good.

Something in us changed on that day and immediately we started looking for ways to serve. My husband joined the band, we both went to Haiti, we fed the homeless, our lives snowballed into what’s next and that was exciting. The blessings in our life also snowballed and our hearts have grown in ways we never could have imagined…”


With his new message, Drew speaks to companies, churches, schools, community groups and more. To have him share at your next event please complete the following form.

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123 Rosewood Dr. Woodstock, GA 30188



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