It’s that time of year again… We are ready to begin the second season of Three-Oh-We-Go!

Last season was a great success. 230 volunteers gave up their time over the course of 33 GO-Nights that were an average of 24 degrees. We distributed over 800 blankets and helped over 1,300 people!

According to a recently published homeless census for the Metro Atlanta area, there are “more people living on the streets of Atlanta this year than at any other time in the last decade.” That means we will need your help more than every this season as we ensure people who are sleeping homeless are surviving the harsh winter nights.

GET INVOLVED!Click here to sign up to receive the GO-Night Alarms or lead a drive for winter items.  You can also stay up-to-speed by following us on Twitter @THREEOHWEGO or by liking our Facebook Page.

With your help, we plan to reach more people and make a larger impact during this season of Three-Oh-We-Go! Remember: Talk is cheap… Go do LOVE!