We are excited to introduce to you the Kula Project. At the upcoming LIVE LOVE EVENT, the Kula Project will be helping us instal a vertical garden at the Gateway Center. So, meet Sarah and James…

“James and I started Kula Project in May of 2012 because we wanted to do something that could make a lasting impact on someone’s life. We aren’t an organization that feeds people, we are an organization that teaches people how to grow their own food. From children to adults, we can help people build a garden or farm that uses exponentially less resources, but it allows them to have a constant supply of nutritious food.

67255_542086919159599_726388335_nA couple of days ago, we received photos from our first farm in Swaziland, Africa that we built in November 2012, and to most people, they would have simply seen a green pepper, but to James and I, it was the most beautiful green pepper we had ever seen! It was a symbol of not only growth, but of knowledge.

Every day we wake up and realize we are living a dream. With Kula Project, we are so blessed to be able to help equip people to create a better life for themselves and their families, and we get to do it together. We are an awesome, balanced team, and we have the most incredible circle of support. This coming spring will be extremely crazy for us, as it is our first planting season with our own training farm out in Woodstock, GA. We are starting an ongoing project in Jamaica this April with ACE, in the Dominican Republic with Serv International this fall, and several Atlanta gardens over the next couple of months.”

– Sarah Buchanan Founder, Kula Project

For those that want to get involved, Kula Project will be launching several volunteer opportunities over the next few weeks, checkout kulaproject.org and facebook.com/thekulaproject.