Every now and again something really cool happens as a result of the message LIVE LOVE. A few weeks ago a lady named Yolanda was shopping at the Goodwill thrift store and came across a LIVE LOVE T-shirt that someone had donated. Now, as to why they would ever get rid of an event shirt, we don’t know, lol. Perhaps they just had too many shirts and had to donate one.

Nevertheless, intrigued by the message, Yolanda took to the internet to find out what the meaning was behind the shirt. She very quickly found out it was Project Live Love and began exploring our website. In addition to the propaganda, Yolanda found out that our organization provided hands-on-opportunities to put love into action. She learned of the July 16th LIVE LOVE EVENT. She registered and planned to attend.

The day of the event, Yolanda joined a team of folks that delivered furniture to three homes across Atlanta. Each family’s situation was unique. Whether fleeing a domestic violence situation, moving into a home from being homeless, or living with HIV/AIDS, these families were each in need. The team delivered mattresses, chests, couches, tables and more. Because of a t-shirt, Yolanda got to be a part of this amazing service project! We thought this was too cool to not share!

In addition to delivering furniture, our volunteers built chests, painted furniture and assisted the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta through moving and sorting furniture. The day was an overall huge success.

To join us for the next LIVE LOVE EVENT, click here.