I grew up in family housing on college campuses my entire life. My family was dysfunctional and as first generation immigrants, our lives were always tough. Struggling to make ends meet, the volunteers in our community made my childhood bearable each year. They were my Santa Claus, my friends, my mentors, my reading-buddies, the glue in my little family. Living in neighborhoods where everyone was in similar situations, community service made me grow, make friends and love diversity.

This year, I am the President of the Golden Key UNH Chapter and I love my job! This year at International Summit, we partnered with Live Love in helping out a refugee community and I literally felt like I was looking into a mirror, into an image of my younger self and of my old life. The little girl that played with me reminded of me of myself and it was amazing to step into the role of the volunteer that I once so adored. Service and outreach has shaped my heart and the person I am today.