Meet Kel Long. Kel is one of Project Live Love’s Board members, a co-founder of THREE-OH-WE-GO! and a man whose love for others shines into every facet of his life.

On a cold night in 2009, Kel met Project Live Love founder, Drew Benton, on the streets of Atlanta as they were both out serving the homeless community. A friendship was formed and meetings were held over the course of the winter to create an organized effort and hands-on serving opportunity (what is now THREE-OH-WE-GO!) that would begin in the winter of 2010.

If you have participated in a THREE-OH-WE-GO! night, chances are high that you have met Kel – even after the hours of behind-the-scenes planning that goes into a successful ‘Go-Night,’ Kel remains on the front lines of the program, showing up night after freezing cold night to give warmth and hope to those who are sleeping on the streets.

In addition to the time and effort he gives to keeping the homeless warm, Kel also serves as a project leader at our quarterly Live Love Events. And as a Board member, he casts vision and projects purpose for the future of Project Live Love. Kel is a prime example of someone who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

On behalf of the Project Live Love team, our volunteers and those who are advancing our message of Living Love, thank you, Kel. Because you are so generous with your time and talents, Project Live Love is more easily able to do the one thing we set out to do every day: live love.

Kel at the Furniture Bank of Atlanta

Kel leading at the Atlanta Mission

Kel hosting the Project LIVE LOVE Art Benefit