It is AMAZING when you see “Love” go full circle. Let me explain… Several months ago Project Live Love was participating in 5:00AM outreaches to homeless men and women living in downtown Atlanta. The effort was organized by the United Way Atlanta and designed to connect homeless individuals with transitional housing. When we arrived at a location, we would wake everyone up and offer them a transitional housing opportunity. Many would take the offer and we would put them on a bus and drive them directly to the housing.

One morning I met a man named Russell who was one of the other volunteers. Russell was one of the most committed volunteers. He was there every week we had the outreach and had a much better way of connecting with the people than anyone else. I asked Russell what his story was. He began to explain to me that a year ago he was living on the streets himself and volunteers had come to him and asked him if he would like to go into housing. Since then he had completed the housing program, started a job, and was now volunteering to help others receive what he had.

Fast-forward a few months… A few friends and I went to Hurt Park in downtown Atlanta to pass out some bottles of water and light snacks to some of the homeless people there. As we were going around connecting with the people Russell showed up in the park. He was there doing outreach himself. He walked me over to a corner of the park and said, “Right there. Right there is where the volunteers found me that night. I was sleeping in this very park.”

The reality of seeing where Russell had actually come from moved me. And now, he was in that very park trying help others. The same “love” that motivated others to come into that park and offer a better life to Russell was now flowing out of him. It was in this moment that I realized “Love” had gone full circle.

These moments are why I founded Project Live Love. I wanted to impact this world with Love In Action. I am so thankful for having witnessed this impact first hand and I hope this story will inspire you to share your love with others.

Drew Benton
Founder/ Chief Lover, Project Live Love

(This is a video of when I went on an outreach with Russell. At the end of the video he shares a little bit of his story.)