Saturday was incredible! Over 180 participants gathered together to show love to 350+ homeless people and the Gateway Center. Together we accomplished…

… 106 Haircuts
… 119 Foot massages and inspections
… 96 Blood pressure checks
… 36 Calls home (Thank you Verizon)
… 32 Voters registered
… 200 Hygiene kits distributed
… 500+ Meals served
… And so much more.

This event had a huge impact on a lot of people. One participant wrote in this week and said, “Thank you, again, for organizing such a powerful experience.  I met some precious people who will leave a lasting impression on me.  I hope I helped make a lasting one, as well. Assisting at the resume’ station not only generated a practical tool to support employment, it gave me an opportunity to dig into who they are as valuable human beings.  As we talked about their best qualities and accomplishments, their hopes and goals, their posture and expressions changed from discouraged to hopeful…not to mention the beaming smiles that eventually emerged. I want to do that again!”

Information will be available soon for the next LIVE LOVE EVENT. Until then, please take time to watch the short video above and check out the Facebook photo album.

Special thanks to Georgia Natural Gas for sponsoring this event!