We are very excited to introduce our newest staff member – Jared Coleman, Sticker Campaign Director. If you’ve seen a Live Love Sticker around town, chances are he had something to with it. We wanted to give Jared the opportunity to share his story…

“My path to Project Live Love has been an indirect one.  I’ve known Drew and his wife Alicia since we were all kids. I’ve also known that Drew would be a part of someting revolutionary. I just didn’t realize that I would have a significant role in this phenomenon.

“A few years ago Drew and I crossed paths again. He had expressed his passion for Living Love and I must say, it is contageous.  He told me of all the people struggling just to find something to eat everyday, right here in our backyard.  So I decided to tag along on his daily grind. And as we walked the streets of Atlanta it didn’t take long to see what he was talking about.  I told him that if he wanted me to go again, to just call me.

“And that ‘s what he did.

“The next time I went with him to hand out blankets and food. It was an extremely cold night and I didn’t want to go since it was so cold. I reminded myself how fortunate I really was and decided to go.  After the first blanket that I gave out I was instantly warm!  And just like that, Live Love’s message clicked.  I knew that I could no longer sit at my house and watch t.v. while people were hurting around me.

“Drew saw the change and asked me what I thought of helping on a larger basis. I didn’t think twice and immediately accepted any role he saw fit.  He said the first thing on his list was a “sticker campaign”.  And I told him that I wanted it.  I knew that all this took was patience. Slow and steady wins the race. I found that if I kept stickers with me at all times, I could eventually see them everywhere I go.”

Jared Coleman