We dedicated the month of August to showing “Random Acts of Kindness” to unsuspecting people. We asked you to share your stories of a time you showed kindness or when you were the recipient of a random act of kindness.

Your stories were inspiring and we thank everyone who participated. Below are the three finalist’s stories. Please take some time to read their stories.

Janine Fox-Garick

I was at Scottish Rite hospital with my youngest child, Connor. We had just gotten discharged from the ER, and waiting for a ride home. Well, Connor is autistic, and a little hard to manage at times. So I sat him down next to the fish tank in the main lobby, trying to keep him calm. Oh NO , he wasn’t having it. Connor started crying and screaming, completely inconsolable, and here I was by myself trying to keep him in my arms and not run off. So, apparently the scene he was making and me crying hysterically begging him to calm down affected a kind gentleman in the lobby. He had gone into the gift shop, and came out with one of those HUGE blue stuffed teddy bears and handed it to Connor and said, ” Hope this helps cheer him up”.

It amazed me because this was a man who didn’t know us, didn’t know our story. He didn’t care that my son was autistic, didn’t care that Connor was letting out some ear deafening screams. He cared about ME and MY SON.

Kate Hannon

I returned to school to pursue a degree in nursing after discovering that making ends meet (never mind planning for the future!) was very difficult with an art degree.
One of my former art professors rides bikes with a man who writes funny things on her Facebook page. He also has given me over $1000 to help off-set the cost of returning to school for a second degree. When he gave me the first check (for $500!), we had only met briefly. He has not asked for anything in return, and seems surprised when I send thank you cards.

I don’t know what I did to deserve his much needed financial help, but I am VERY grateful!

Stephanie Thomas

A few months ago I was driving from SC to VA. I followed my GPS directions, and somehow ended up about 50 miles off the highway, in a 2 traffic light town in the middle of nowhere. It was midnight, and so far into the country that I did not have cell phone service and was running out of gas. I stopped at a gas station to fill up and ask for directions. There were two younger men working there. One gave me some quick directions and that was it. The other pulled out his iPhone, Gps, a map and paper and started writing out every detail of how I should get back to the highway. Then when I went outside to fill up my gas, a car pulled up and a man got out. The boy who worked at the gas station then came outside, and started talking to me and asking me about my life. He continued to talk to me until the other man had left. After he left, he said “This place can be a little scary at night, and I didn’t want you to have to fill up your gas alone.” Although it was a small act, it meant so much to me. He was nice, kind, and caring, and made my anxious, nervous feeling about being lost disappear. Although I did not know his name, I sent a thank-you note to the address on my gas receipt, and labeled it “to the nice boy in the hollister shirt.” He sent me a letter back a few months later, telling me his name and how my thank you letter was very special to him.