Last month Project Live Love was selected by Red Pepper to be one of the benefactors of this year’s Create-A-Thon. Each year this marketing firm pulls together all of the resources of the company and invests them into six non-profits. The entire company works twenty-four hours around the clock creating marketing pieces and ideas for each organization.

For Project Live Love, Red Pepper focused most of their attention on the new LIVE LOVE event. They created a logo that will evolve and change for each future event. Because LIVE LOVE will be once a quarter the design is divided into quarters around the heart circle. After each event, a definitive photo will be chosen and used in the background of the previous quarter’s design. Each year a new ring of photos will be added to the design like the rings of tree. In time the logo will actually be full of the things we have done through the years.

The team at Red Pepper did not stop at the LIVE LOVE event. They developed additional product ideas, created the Do Report (monthly newsletter), wrote a marketing plan, created the 3-0-WE-GO logo, developed video ideas, and so much more. The volume of work they did was almost overwhelming. We are excited about how we are going to implement each of these ideas in the years to come.

Red Pepper, Thank you. We are honored to have been chosen. We thank everyone who invested their time into helping Project Live Love.