Twice last week Project Live Love teamed up with Safehouse Outreach to brave the frigged temperatures in order to hand out blankets to people living on the streets of Atlanta. When the volunteers arrived, we loaded up with blankets, hats and gloves and literally walked the streets of downtown looking for people who could use a little extra warmth.

When the second night was over, one of the volunteers said that he was freezing when we started out but once he handed out his first blanket, he felt a little warmer until he was empty handed but full of “warmth”. What a true statement. Helping others actually helps us ourselves… we gain new perspective by seeing the circumstance of others.

Thank you to all of you who donated blankets, bought hats and gloves, and braved the cold and crazy streets in order to Live Love! There are many people sleeping just that much better because of your acts of kindness.