For the last four weeks Project Live Love has had the opportunity to partner with the Regional Commission of Homelessness Collaborative Outreach in a pilot program being developed called Shelter to Home. The thought is that if we consistently canvas the same areas week after week offering solutions to get people off the streets that, over time, the homeless population of Atlanta can be eradicated. The Commission has been running this pilot for the last 7 weeks and each week the number of people pulled off the streets increases. In fact, yesterday 21 people were placed into programs and are no longer sleeping on the street! Not only that, the program is seeing an 80% success rate – which if you are familiar with the homeless issue, is HUGE!

Here is a short video of what took place yesterday and some of the volunteer reactions.

This is something that will be continuing on a weekly basis and it is Project Live Love’s roll to get people involved. If you are interested in coming along, let us know!