A couple of weeks ago Project Live Love put together and ran projects for the Do Good Conference here in Atlanta. The goal of the conference was to lead students into our community and “Do Good”.  Pretty simple.  A few weeks before the conference, Drew Benton (Founder of Project Live Love) and myself found an abandoned school. We were introduced to it through our Thursday morning homeless outreach.  The school is behind Turner Field and is in DESPERATE need of Love.  We’ve been told that in the past there have been as many as 30 people living there in tents.  Because of the morning outreach there are only a few people living there now, so we organized a clean up project for some of the conference attendees.

On the first day there was a group of 30 volunteers.  Drew and I expressed to the volunteers before they came they needed long pants and shoes because they’d be going where not many had.  I won’t go into how gross the “trash” was, but it is like WWIII had happened and this was what was left over.  As we cleaned, a man came over to see what we were doing.  He told us his name was Jonah and that he’d lived there in the past.  When we explained that we were simply out to Do Good he was floored.  Jonah expressed to us that it was refreshing to see people taking action and going where they were needed.  And as quickly as he came, he thanked us all and went on his way.  By the end of the first we stuffed at least 45 bags of trash.

Day two started off very encouraging.  Alicia (Social Media Director of Project Live Love) and I walked the site prior to the start of clean up to see if anyone was home.  The first thing I noticed was that a couch had been placed near the area we cleaned up the day before.  I figured the people who live there brought the couch over to enjoy the clean area.  This day we had a larger group of 38 volunteers and we dove right in.  The gloves and trash bags were handed out and soon we were running out of bags.  We took up a collection from the volunteers so that we could buy more trash bags.  The clean up couldn’t have gone better.  65 bags of trash were picked up.  We touched the lives of the men and women who live behind that school by simply picking up garbage.  I put up a couple stickers so the residents would know who had been in their home and we went on our way.

I spoke to a many of the volunteers throughout the two days and all of them came away a different person.  When you go and see a place like this school, it makes you want to get involved. So please, get involved.  Project Live Love will be going back to finish the clean up soon.

Click Here to see more pictures from our clean up project.

Living Love,