Last month we had the pleasure of introducing you to our Sticker Campaign Director, Jared. Now we get to introduce you to two more people who have come on board here at Project Live Love. We came into contact with these two guys through a mutual friend and over the course of time, have asked them to help widen our reach. We are so excited to introduce you to The Jacksonville Justin’s and to expand the message of LIVE LOVE.

* * * * * *

My passion for living love really started about 8 years ago. I grew up in the music scene in Jacksonville, Fla. I have always connected with the people that society has deemed “outcasts”. I experienced first hand society’s failure to reach out to those who are really in need. I met people who sometimes would go days starving. I became friends with people who have felt nothing but judgment their whole lives, families that lived on the street day in and day out. Witnessing that is what first fueled my fire. I decided instead of getting angry and talking about it, to get proactive and start loving the unloved.

I met Drew though a mutual friend. When He told me about Project Live Love I knew that I wanted to be a part of this movement. After seeing spending a week with Drew and Project Live Love in Atlanta I thought this is exactly what my city needs … It needs real people, living out a tangible love, and inspiring others to do so to change so many of this worlds issues.  So I started to plan with a close friend, Justin Hinson, on what we could do to start living love and launched into this awesome, crazy journey that I am a part of now.

My goal is simple, to live out a lifestyle that will inspire others to get out and be a tangible love to others. I passionately believe there are so many hurting & hungry people that if enough people stood up and selflessly helped, we could really make a difference.

Justin Woffard

* * * * * *

Who knew a that hearing about a random idea while eating pizza with one of my best friends would lead to this? Back then that’s what it was … an “idea” to maybe bring a little joy to a soul or maybe a glimmer of hope to a lost and mentally dying person? I knew I had to do something because the greatest person to ever have lived showed the ultimate life servitude and also showed the greatest form of love when he died.  The thought of knowing that there is still hope for me and the love that has started burning in my heart to see a change and hope restored to the lost and hopeless would be kept in secret drove me mad. My journey began at that dinner table.

My goal is simple, to live a life of love,of servitude and of selflessness. I want to be real and I want to see cultural change what ever the cost. I want to be used,I want to be sent ,I want to serve. And above all I want to LIVE LOVE.

Justin Hinson