Today, it was a text from a good friend in downtown Atlanta. Last week, it was several posts to the Project Live Love facebook wall from Niagara falls, Pennsylvania, Daytona Beach, FL and more. Whether it is a text, e-mail, facebook message, or tweet, it seems like every week someone is sharing a photo of a Live Love sticker with us. This simple concept of posting stickers to remind others to Live Love has become the passion of so many. Stickers are going up everywhere and the message is getting out!

2,000 more stickers showed up at the PLL offices this week. And now… We are excited to introduce the new 3.5 inch Heart Circle Sticker. We are excited to add this sticker to the PLL sticker collection. The Heart Circle Sticker is available for sale in the Live Love store now!

It is always exciting to walk through downtown and see stickers everywhere.  So many people have joined us in sharing our message. We are so humbled and grateful to each and every one of you! Thank you for becoming a part of this project. Let’s together continue to change this culture through Love In Action.

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3.5″ Heart-Circle Stickers

Heart Circle Sticker 3.5 inch