Spring is here and we come to the close of another successful season of THREE-OH-WE-GO!

Here are the statistics…

  • Go-Nights: 34
  • Volunteers: 439
  • Homeless People Seen: 2,955
  • Homeless People Assisted: 2,581
  • Homeless People Critical: 243

One of our volunteers and soon to be route leader, David Stewart, had this to say about the season…

“This past winter season was my first at THREE-OH-WE-GO!. I had never really volunteered nor really been around the homeless. The first few times out were a little unsettling as I simply did not know what to expect. As I got to know the leaders, I became more comfortable with being on the streets. As I got to know of few of the homeless, I became aggressive about being out there every night that I could and wanting to help and try to make a difference.

A few things really have stuck with me. The mentality of the homeless was nothing near what I expected. First, that there were so very few people that were mad or upset, that most of these people were so grateful to have someone out there to help them really caught me off guard. They also had a tendency to gather in groups, almost communities. And they took care of each other and looked out for each other. It was amazing to be led around an area with several people bedded down for the night by one of the people staying there and to have them point out whom needed what, even if they were sleeping. And they rarely took what was being offered if they didn’t need it. So many times I was told that they were good and didn’t need another blanket.

There were also a number of people that had literally nothing to keep them warm. Several times there were young men with nothing. One in particular I remember, was sleeping on the steps of a church where we did not normally stop and I noticed him. He had a wind breaker on top of him and nothing more. We stopped and gave him a hat, gloves, socks, some hand warmers, and I think three blankets. The look on his face was that he had no idea why we were there and why we were helping him. Even as we drove away, he was still staring at me in shock. But now he was so much warmer and better prepared for a night sleeping outside in the bitter cold. I am not sure he ever even said anything.

One of the most impactful things from the season was being told that on the coldest night of the year, which I did go out and volunteer, six homeless pasted away from the elements. That was in early January.  After hearing that, I tried to be there every night that THREE-OH-WE-GO! went out.

The number of volunteers and the number of returning volunteers was amazing. The stories and lives of the volunteers also were simply amazing. Some of the best people I have ever known or been around, I met late at night walking the streets of downtown Atlanta. I never thought I would say something like that. The heart, love, desire to make a difference in these people is awe inspiring. I have made a few friendships that I truly hope continue on.”

Finally, we would like to thank all of the amazing people and sponsors that go into making the season possible. Special thank you to…

Our amazing leadership team, especially Kel Long and Charles Slick.

Greg and Robby Miller of Miller Brothers Men’s clothing in Buckhead for their financial support.  They had a holiday party and donations went to THREE-OH-WE-GO!.

Bernard Carver and Kel Long for their financial support. They hold an annual art show that benefits the THREE-OH-WE-GO! program.

And last, but not least, our lead sponsor Georgia Natural Gas. It is because of their financial support that we are able to keep doing this season after season.

We look forward to having you be a part of THREE-OH-WE-GO next year.