Wherever the THREE-OH-WE-GO story is shared, it stirs something inside of others. The simple concept of taking to the streets every time the temperature in Atlanta goes below freezing is touching hearts and inspiring others to action.

So far this season, over 70 unique volunteers have participated in GO-NIGHTS, more than 20 groups have collected winter items, and 1,200 blankets have been donated. We are NOW excited to announce that Georgia Natural Gas has signed on as the presenting sponsor of the THREE-OH-WE-GO program.

With this unique sponsorship in place, we will now be able to supply the items needed for each GO-NIGHT more adequately. Since the program began in November, we have connected with over 400 homeless men and women living on the streets. For many of them, we were the only thing that stood between them and a freezing cold night.

A few nights ago the team came upon a man who was shivering and unprepared for the freezing night ahead. Volunteers gave him some warm cider and wrapped him in an emergency blanket to help him stop shivering. They then covered his head with a hat and hands with gloves. Once he warmed up enough to stop shaking, he laid down and we covered him with a large blanket.

This story will play itself out time and time again this season. Due to your participation and the sponsorship from Georgia Natural Gas, we will be able to continue taking to the streets and saving lives. Together we are all helping others make it through the night warm and safe.