Mother Teresa once said, “The greatest disease in the west is not TB or leprosy. It is being unwanted, uncared for, and unloved.” In America you don’t have to go far before you find someone who is in desperate need of love. Communities have been crushed by the addiction of drugs. Thousands of people sleep in the streets because they are without a home. Women and children cry themselves to sleep at night because they have been sexually exploited all day. The need for love becomes more and more apparent when seeing the absence of it.

QUESTION: What if we could put more love in the world… could we create real change to today’s social issues and give individuals purpose for life?

We at Project Live Love believe the answer to this question is Yes. Live Love is a phrase that we have given to the philosophy of putting love into action. We believe that through living love and leading others to do the same that people will be impacted, culture will be influenced, communities will be transformed, and the world will be changed. As a result we are starting a project that is taking it on as a mission to “change the world with the power of love.”


Project Live Love is a non-profit organization designed to influence culture through the power of ‘love in action’ by engaging, networking and mobilizing people who are motivated by love.

THINK – Our desire is to reorient the minds of people to think about living love by bringing awareness to the idea.

SHARE – Our desire is to create environments and resources for people to network with each other and their community’s needs to collectively live love.

ACT – Our desire is to mobilize individuals, corporations, social organizations, and churches by providing ideas, events, and opportunities to actively live love.


Live Love Initiative – The Live Love Initiative is designed to influence the hearts and minds of individuals with the idea of Live Love by infusing that message into culture.

The initiative focuses on working with all different areas of culture (Art, Music, Words, Education, Politics, Religion, Media & Fashion) to advance the message of Live Love.

We use tools like t-shirts, stickers, billboards, social media, downloads, and more to inject the message of Live Love into everyday life. By using today’s marketing resources we can propagate the idea and affect the minds of individuals. We are not marketing an organization, but rather an idea.

Volunteer projects are organized regularly and executed in target areas for maximum exposure. The 1,000 sticker campaign, I Got Hugged, Tag Love, Everyone Love One and more are some of the various projects we do. – is a collaborative online platform designed to connect servant hearted individuals with their community’s needs, provide practical ways to meet those needs, and provide a place to share those experiences.

Community partners, existing 501(C)3 organizations that are working on any given social issue, can create a profile and begin to share their needs. From their profile, organizations are able to list group projects, individual volunteer needs, events, in-kind needs, and even financial needs.

Through organizations can connect with people that care about the issue they are addressing. Organizations will build a greater sense of community within their organization as well as have a tool for marketing, fundraising, and communication with volunteers.

Individuals can create profiles through which they are able to connect with the information organizations have listed. This gives individuals the opportunity to find ways to practically live love. Individuals can build community with other servant-hearted people by sharing their stories, photos, videos, and more with others.

Cause pages are mash up pages of information specific to a social issue. These pages seek to tell the story of individuals that are dealing with that specific issue. In addition to connecting with organizations, individuals will be able to connect with and follow the causes they care about.