Project Live Love is fortunate to enjoy a long-time partnership with various chapters of Young Men’s Service League (YMSL), a non-profit organization that initiates and encourages young men and their mothers to pursue philanthropic involvement in their community. On Saturday, November 8, 2014 mothers from YMSL Milton arranged a day of service for a hundred sons and fathers who assembled at a rally near the heart of Atlanta to deploy to one of four destinations that exist to restore individuals from brokenness to lives of hope.

Sober Living America, Veterans Empowerment Organization, Gateway Center and Atlanta Outreach Project each welcomed two dozen or more YMSL men to serve meals, clean facilities and connect with their people and purpose.

For these young men, what begins as a day of serving freely often ends gaining priceless insights and encouragement from the very individuals they serve. At VEO, a resident implored the young men to “Do what your parents tell you to do. They know what they’re talking about. Stay in school. Be responsible for your choices. Stay away from drugs and off the streets…they’re a road to nowhere.” He went on to describe the joy of reconnecting with his grown daughter after years of choosing drugs over everything else. His change began one night when he was standing in a food line and was approached by a man from VEO who invited him to transitional housing and an opportunity to reclaim his life and dignity. He further described knowing that this was his time to choose something different. That night he began his journey to clarity and wholeness.
New beginnings like these are possible when love meets desperation. And they perpetuate Project Live Love’s mission to influence culture through love in action by engaging, networking and mobilizing people who are motivated to love. Because without such people who are motivated by love, places like VEO cannot survive.

Sometimes the only question is how to find each other. The Live Love Experience is a customized, tailor-made event that matches need and project know-how with hearts to serve. The benefits of this type of event are threefold: it delivers solutions to organizations of any size who want to serve yet may not know how and where to channel their philanthropic intentions; it gives Project Live Love the opportunity to convert hearts by exposing them to the transformative process of loving without condition; it concentrates attention on select entities in greatest need by revisiting them from one event to the next.

Project Live Love is proud of the young men of YMSL and appreciates the important work they accomplished that day for our community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Young Men’s Service League and invite others to join our mission by volunteering for one of our quarterly events or customizing one of your own. Click the following links for more information on the Live Love Event and Live Love Experience.